Of all the attorneys I spoke with on this issue, you were the one that impressed me the most. You conduct your business in the same manner I conduct mine. Your first inclination was to see what you could do to help me out. You spent time reading my case, sharing observations, and made some initial recommendations…all before even talking about money. I was not only impressed on your approach but with your well-reasoned recommendations. Thank you. You will be my number one recommendation.

Thank you again.


Thomas and Daniel,

Hope all is well, I just wanted to say Thank You again for you and your staff’s help in getting me through the hardest time in my life. There were some rough patches where I was confused, as I know this was a difficult case for everyone. You guys got me through it and I couldn’t be happier with the results. It’s a real second chance for me and the ability to provide for my family without being stuck in a hole I could never get out of. I know your team is the reason why we got through it. Thank you again!


I contacted Nowland Law after I received a notice from the Labor Commissioner that one of my former employees was claiming that his last check went unpaid when he in fact just failed to show up and collect it. The employee¹s demand was unreasonable as he was claiming ten times the check value for penalties. I spoke to Tom Nowland over the telephone and he gave me the information (at no charge) that I needed to resolve the claim without additional costs for penalties. I really appreciated his
honest and candid advice. I highly recommend contacting Tom Nowland for any business legal matter.


I called Tom Nowland when a contractor that I hired to remodel my home failed to finish the project and then made outrageous claims for additional work that he never performed.  Mr. Nowland filed a lawsuit against the contractor and applied enough pressure on him that he was forced to withdraw the mechanic’s liens filed and settle the case.  Tom Nowland was always gracious with his time, treated me with respect and always returned my telephone calls promptly. He’s a wonderful human being. I highly recommend Attorney Tom Nowland.


I called Mr. Nowland for a no cost consultation related to a construction contract issue. He was generous with his time, explained all of the legal issues, variables, and possible outcomes to me in language that I could understand. The information allowed me to resolve the matter without further legal action or costs. It was certainly worth the call.

I highly recommend Attorney Nowland.


Tom Nowland is a fantastic lawyer. As an owner of one of the largest Glazing corporations in the country, I have dealt with 12-15 Lawyers over the years. Some good, Some NOT. Tom Nowland is Awesome! Completely on top of everything. Great guy with a good sense of humor. Great outcome!


I contacted Mr. Nowland after my construction plastering company was sued for wrongful termination by a worker who had been injured on the job.  After the workers compensation insurance company took care of his medical bills and returned him to work we placed him on modified assignment and made accommodations for him, he nevertheless quit and claimed he was fired. Tom Nowland quickly analyzed the case, the facts, and the possible outcomes and found discrepancies in the employees claims. Tom Nowland used these discrepancies to quickly resolve the matter at a cost which was much lower then the initial claim. Due to Tom Nowland’s diligence and dedication to me as a client, he saved me and my company in excess of $100,000.00, not to mention the time and effort we would have put into litigating this case.


When a major construction tenant improvement project I was engaged in went bad I contacted Attorney Thomas F. Nowland for help.  The general contractor had messed up my project, (a new fitness club) caused substantial time delays, and the work that he did complete was substandard.  To make matters worse, the general contractor filed a lawsuit against me demanding more money.  Attorney Nowland immediately filed a cross complaint against the contractor and successfully got all the mechanic’s liens removed from the property and actually secured a judgment in my favor.  The fitness club opened on time thanks to Tom Nowland.”


I contacted Attorney Thomas F. Nowland when neighboring property owners demanded that I repair and widen a road easement that they were using to cross my rural property. I felt that their demands were unfair because the road was being damaged by their own large trucks and increased traffic to their commercial properties. Mr. Nowland immediately got involved, researched the property records and filed a lawsuit to protect my rights. Mr. Nowland always took my telephone calls and kept me up to date on the matter. He implemented a legal strategy that worked, resolved the road easement issues and even got me compensation for my trouble. I recommend Attorney Thomas F. Nowland highly.